We start back fully indoors on Monday at a cost of £2 per person on a rink with the heating adjusted throughout the building for the winter as are the rink bell timers.  I have emailed around the protocol that must be observed to keep everyone safe before.

There is an extra 5-minute changeover time added between rink times and members must remain in the social area until the session before them has finished and LEFT THE INDOOR AREA entering by one door and members inside leaving exiting by the other.  Eileen has put up notices on the doors and in other places regarding sanitising after your game and yourself.  Sign in or scan the QR code on entry and do not come to the club if you feel unwell.  We have bought a digital thermometer that you point at your forehead and if it is green, you should be safe to enter if amber you should consider your position but if red go home.  We are going to have a look at it on Monday but if it is there and you are in doubt, please use it.

I know that Phil Mike and myself have found the organising the games for the leagues very challenging and I must admit that we did not think about evening out who plays on which rink, so it is not perfect, but we have schedule, and we are back playing which for me is the main aim.  We are missing Keith’s organising skills, but we must thank him for all that he did for us and move on wishing him all the best in his new playing role.

Enjoy your bowling and help us to keep everyone safe.