Chairman and Web Administrator:

John Swayne
Manor Cottage, Huntworth, Bridgwater,
Somerset, TA7 0AH.
01278 662188

Honorary Secretary:

Eileen Milton
3 The Parks, Park Road, Bridgwater,
Somerset, TA6 7HS.
01278 423217

Honorary Fixtures Secretary

Michael Care
School House, Stawell, Bridgwater,
Somerset, TA7 9AE.
01278 722837

Club Directors

Chairman: Vice Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer:

Mike Pyne: David Thomas: Mike Glendinning: Pat Owens:

Eileen Milton: Terry Pope: Mary White: Michael Watson:

Officers of the Club for 2021/22

President: Barbara Pyne:
 John Swayne:
Vice Chairman 
Frank Davis:
Peter Walker:
utdoor Green Manager Frank Davis:
Competition Secretary
 (outdoor) Mike Laws & (indoor) Keith Dewey:
Property Manager 
Mike Watson:
Membership Secretary 
Mary White:
Child Protection 
John Swayne
Bar Steward 
Mike Pyne:
Indoor Captain 
Louise Dewey:
Indoor Vice Captain 
Graham Owens:
Management Committee 
Barry Gage: Graham Owens:
Internal Auditor 
John Swayne:

Ladies Captain Judy Andrews:

Lady Vice Captain Jean Glendinning:

Lady Match Secretary : Sue Mottershead:

Outdoor Lady Selection Susan Mottershead: Sandra Brett: Diane Pinchin:

Men’s Captain Steve Mottershead:

Men’s Vice captain Dave Thomas:

Secretary Eileen Milton:

Match Secretary Michael Care:

Outdoor Selection Committee : Peter Howard Mike Glendinning: Mike Pyne:

Indoor Selection: Pat Owens: Graham Owens:

Indoor Convenor John Swayne: Indoor Committee Dave Thomas: Louise Dewey: Graham Owens: Pat Owens: Eileen Milton: Peter Walker: Shirley Aylmer: Steve Lukins: Michael Laws: Chris Criddle: