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10 Sep 2023

The Club AGM will be held on Sunday 15th October at 7:00 pm in the club house.  Nomination sheets for officers are available from tomorrow by the door to the indoor rinks. John [ Read more ]

04 Sep 2023
This week at the club

National Grid will be on our site all week digging the trench behind the outdoor green to supply Carrots Farm development.  Their vehicles will be going up and down using the gate next to the containers at the top of the site to gain access to the di... [ Read more ]

10 Nov 2022
Opening the gate

We had a problem on Monday when the gate refused to operate, and it is believed that the problem could have been caused in several ways.  Firstly you drive to where the sensor is in the drive and stop over it and there is a feeling that there should ... [ Read more ]

31 Oct 2022
Electronic Gate

As detailed at the AGM the main gate will become an electronic gate from Wednesday we hope and you will either need to purchase a fob or get out of your car to put in the code to open the gate.  More details when it goes live. [ Read more ]

23 Feb 2022
Latest Covid position

I have been in contact with the Directors and your management committee about the changes in the legislation from tomorrow.  Although the mandatory isolation etc has gone the advice is still to isolate for ten days if you can. Therefore your Directo... [ Read more ]

09 Dec 2021
EIBA Update

To all Clubs & County Contacts With the Government announcing yesterday that the Country will be moving to ‘Plan B’ of their COVID-19 Guidance, Indoor Bowls Clubs will now need to implement the following protocols. From Friday 10th December 2021 face... [ Read more ]

03 Oct 2021
Winter opening and regulations

We start back fully indoors on Monday at a cost of £2 per person on a rink with the heating adjusted throughout the building for the winter as are the rink bell timers.  I have emailed around the protocol that must be observed to keep everyone safe b... [ Read more ]

20 Sep 2021
AGM Trophies and Gate Security

Gate security was an agenda item today for the management committee meeting and the following has been agreed.  If no-one is at the club the gate will be shut and locked with the padlock.  If anyone goes to the club for a roll up or because there is ... [ Read more ]

23 Aug 2021
Open Day

28 Jul 2021
Clarify the indoor safety

We have kept all safe during the worst of the pandemic and have not been pinged with the last member to get covid as far as I am aware was Christmas and possibly because of the Christmas relaxation of the rules. Little has changed and we must contin... [ Read more ]