We have kept all safe during the worst of the pandemic and have not been pinged with the last member to get covid as far as I am aware was Christmas and possibly because of the Christmas relaxation of the rules.

Little has changed and we must continue to keep everyone safe by washing hands and sanitising.  The EIBA face mask rules were stupid wearing them into the indoor taking them off when sat down putting them on to walk 5 yards to get onto the green then taking them off so no masks but social distancing when playing indoors.  If you have sanitised your hands before playing there should be no need to have one person on mat duty etc but certainly sanitise the equipment before you leave.

The outdoor players do not shake hands and maintain a sensible distance again to keep everyone safe.  We may have been double jabbed but we could still be a carrier.  I have and use from time to time lateral flow tests which all could do if they wishes as you can get the kits from the NHS.  Georgina because she had a cataract op last week had the full test and we self-isolated for three days.  I still wear a mask when going into shops and it is noticeable that it is the under forties who do not wear a mask and they are the ones most at risk.

We must keep ourselves and members safe by being sensible.